About us


Law always reflects our realities of life. It is thus only consequential that legal relationships get ever more complex and need an ever higher degree of specialization in order to live up to the respective matter. Transnational issues are no exception at that. And while the former challenges seemed to lie within the EU, one now has to deal with increasingly remote cultural and legal environments. Naturally, a single person cannot achieve this. Even the most competent corporate counsel will therefore run up against its limits sooner or later. Outside counseling on the other hand is often being provided by law firms of a comparably large size in order to make sure that all expertise runs under one heading. Size on the other hand often does not allow for the necessary flexibility and responsiveness. Furthermore, a large body needs to be maintained. That is why the firm together with its cooperation partners has decided to provide for a network of highly competent experts that are able to react at short notice, hands-on, and for less cost.

Klaus Beck

Klaus' practice focuses on German and international business law, including trade issues, investment, intellectual property, and corporation. Being admitted to all German courts he mainly advises on and negotiates cross-border issues. Besides, he assists international clients with all aspects of German and EU market entry.

Klaus has studied law in Berlin and Mandarin Chinese in Kunming. He obtained a PhD in law from Hamburg University and is admitted to the German bar. His mediation certification was issued by Darmstadt College. He converses in German, English, Mandarin Chinese, Italian and French.

Initially, Klaus has worked in a Chinese business consultancy specialized in high technology. The company in question acts as an official representative of the Yunnan provincial government. Klaus was responsible for legal matters and foreign transactions, mostly foreign investment and joint ventures. Later on he headed the China office of a German NGO with focus on legal and business policy. For some time he has also served at the German embassy in Beijing, again with focus on legal policy. Before establishing his own firm Klaus has worked in law firms in Kunming, Berlin, and Freiburg.

Lisa Zhang

Lisa is a Chinese lawyer and Of Counsel with the firm. She is based in Shanghai and advises on various issues faced by foreign and domestic enterprises in China. She has got rich experience in dispute resolution, domestic and cross-border litigation and arbitration. 

Lisa obtained a LL.M. from the Chinese University of Hong Kong after her regular law studies. She is admitted to the bar in the People’s Republic of China. In addition to her law degree Lisa also holds a B.A. in English. Her working languages include English, French, and Chinese.

Before joining a major law firm in mainland China she has worked for a leading international auction house and later on for an award-winning law firm in Hong Kong. Her major cases include a large shopping mall project invested by a Turkish company, a Singapore company’s App AD project in Shanghai, and a long-term leasing dispute with an Indonesian corporate group.

Ming Zhang

Ming Zhang is a Chinese lawyer and Of Counsel with the firm. He lives and works in Germany from where he manages common projekts. He is experienced in the fields of culture, media, food, medicine, medical engineering, real estate, e-commerce, finance, energy, commodities, and manufacturing. 

Ming Zhang is specialized cross-border issues such as investment, mergers and acquisitions, reorganisation, liquidation, crisis management, competition, product quality, trade, and intellectual property. 

Ming Zhang has initially studied music and humanresources management, later on politics and law. After some years as CEO and manager of information systems he works now solely as an independent lawyer. Apart from his legal knowledge he also possesses knowledge about managment, education and IT. He converses in Mandarin, English and German. 


According to our philosophy we offer services together with a group of highly competent and experienced cooperation partners. This guarantees time and cost efficiency, not least when it comes to litigation or arbitration abroad. In line with the firm’s geographical orientation this mostly concerns colleagues in East Asian countries. However, long standing relationships also exist with colleagues in- and outside the EU.


According to Paragraph 43a of the German Lawyer Rules (BRAO) lawyers are obliged to professional secrecy. This provision is of key importance for our activities. It relates to anything that lawyers become aware of while fulfilling their responsibilities. Part of it is the issue which clients receive counseling. At the light of the above we prefer not to publish any references. We are more than willing to do so in response to a specific request though.

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