Practice Areas

International law

The core area of work lies in the legal consulting and monitoring of international transactions. It concerns trade relations as well as branch establishments and industrial property rights. Particular focus lies in business relationships with Asian countries. Examples might include a European firm that is supported carrying out business activities abroad or a foreign client that is accompanied during a business acquisition. In this context the knowledge of the different business and legal cultures is nothing less than a cornerstone for long term success. Fast and straightforward enforcement of legal interests is ensured by an international network of highly competent and specialized partners.

Much of the international private and business law has been unified. This holds especially true within the EU. However, the knowledge of certain areas of domestic law is still indispensable. As for non-EU jurisdictions, we provide expertise in the fields of Chinese law.

Business law

The firm offers small and medium size enterprises the whole range of services an external legal division has in store. This includes setting up businesses as well as mergers and acquisitions and trade mark strategies. Trainings and lectures are carried out in order to prepare for new business ventures. In terms of content the focus lies on legal transactions with China and / or relevant assignments for senior executives.   

Civil law

Consultation and representation for individuals concerns the fields of family and inheritance law, real estate and construction law, as well as labor, right of residence and association law.

Administrative law

Private law issues in many ways relate to public law. Think of any company that has to get official licenses, observe environmental standards or determine tax issues. Or real estate and construction with its many administrative aspects involved. In circumstance private persons may even have to defend themselves against unjustified decisions by the competent authorities in order to defend their legal position.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Mediation can be a very helpful supplement to the juridical work. However, it is based on a fundamentally different method. A mediator does not represent a single party but rather tries to help both parties to come to an agreement themselves. The benefit of this approach is obvious, the conflicting parties have a greater chance to preserve (or create) a healthy basis for their future cooperation. It is thus a method most commonly used for business and family conflicts.

Dr. Beck not only is a certified mediatior, but the firm has also been certified by the state as conciliation office (Gütestelle). This not only guarantees a certain degree of competence and seriousness. Also, the time limitation to any claims is supended from the day they are brought forward towards the conciliation office. Furthermore, any recorded agreement in front of a conciliation office can be immediately enforced.


The firm offers seminars in various fields, be it inhouse or public, formal or informal. The focus lies on preparing businesses and individuals for the differing legal and cultural framework in order to support international transactions and cooperation. Besides, individual topics such as international contract law or investment regulations may be discussed.